B-Around Tourism is based on a georeferenced map where you can find places of interest, events, tours and tourism services of a city or region through filtering or direct search.


Places to Visit

Provides the exact location of any place to visit, from monuments, museums to basic utility services such as health and transport.

Tourism Tours

It offers themed itineraries of the most emblematic places of the city. You may also add places or events that exist nearby.

Cultural Events Calendar

Through a calendar, the user can query events such as plays or concerts, allowing him to filter only the days of his interest.


Geature that allows the user to gather infomation, such as places to visit, events or tours that can be sent to your email or mobile devices through bluetooth.


Makes a real time connection with a technician of the official tourism department, that can provide personalized information about services or tourist attractions the city has to offer.

Interactive Mupi

Application installed on an interactive digital Mupi with elegant design, sturdy structure and painted steel. Equipped with multi-touch technology, camera, speakers and the option to install other equipments such as automatic payment systems.


Also available in your city.


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